Research and Development

We ask questions, utilize resources and leverage institutional knowledge to build your messaging foundation.

We take the time to carefully research your industry, company, customers, strengths, weaknesses– everything top to bottom. We ask critical questions, like why your company is unique, what separates your brand, what are your challenges and how you plan to grow. We utilize resources, including data and analytics, to understand what separates you from competitors. We leverage your institutional knowledge to define challenges, set benchmarks and identify gaps where we can provide our communication strategy and crisis management solutions across the state of Alabama.

target audience identification

We help you understand, define and engage your target audience.

You know your brand better than anyone, but having a clear understanding of how to connect with stakeholders can be challenging. We take ourselves out of the equation to see things through your audience's perspective, helping to bridge the gap between reaching potential customers and securing a return on investment.

message development

Our Birmingham public relations firm will work with you to develop consistent messaging that reflects your company or brand's core values and identify unique selling points that separates you from competitors.

If you don’t have consistent messaging in place that is understood by audiences important to you, it's challenging to establish a clear brand identity. Whether you are a new company developing your internal mission statement, or a well-established business looking to share your story with potential customers or media contacts, we help brands develop messaging for websites, elevator pitches, competitive analysis, media pitching, collateral materials and social media platforms.

Copywriting Services

We pride ourselves on maintaining your brand's voice to develop compelling messaging and deliver it effectively to achieve your goals.

Our seasoned public relations team is well equipped in copywriting and editing services. We take your messaging seriously and understand your brand needs to be accurately reflected to audiences important to you. Whether it’s developing copy for press releases, media kits, websites, company one-pagers, talking points, speeches, social media or collateral materials, our team believes in the influence of words and can help your brand face any challenge with clear and consistent messaging.

Crisis Communications

Whether or not you have a plan in place, crises can happen at any given moment, and our team thrives on helping you respond effectively to shape the conversation.

We help clients develop a tailored and thoughtful approach to potential crises that could arise. No matter how established your brand is, a crisis can happen at any moment and strip away your credibility. Whether it’s facing a regulatory challenge, an employee incident, a sensitive media inquiry or a social media backfire, every company will deal with critical moments where communication strategy is key and your reputation is on the line. Our Birmingham crisis management team helps you plan and stay ahead of the issue and respond ethically, timely and critically.

Internal Communications

As an experienced Alabama communications agency and public relations firm, we know it’s important to have company buy-in with your vision, and we specialize in developing strategies to engage your team.

Having all employees on a unified front is critical for continued company success. Whether through team-building retreats, employee talking points, e-newsletter content, or strategy during mergers/acquisitions, we help companies streamline internal communication plans to help achieve specific goals. We also help support employee outreach efforts, including event planning, open house coordination and conference support.