Social Media Management and Analysis

We build and maintain meaningful engagement across all social media platforms through our strategic social media management.

Peritus identifies the digital platforms that best support your brand’s goals, and deliver tailored, effective messaging that will keep your audiences connected and engaged online. Whether you are building your social media presence from the ground up or seeking assistance with growing an existing account, we offer a broad range of support for social media best practices, account management, digital promotions SEO and social media analytics.


We optimize your social media presence through the development of industry-relevant social media calendars and execution of successful social media promotions.

Peritus understands the value of meaningful audience engagement through an effective digital strategy. To increase engagement and promote special announcements, awards and services, we help our clients utilize cost-effective digital promotions to reach their targeted audiences.

Content Planning & Scheduling

Producing compelling and engaging content consistently is the driving force behind a successful social media account.

We help you build and maintain the best quality content for your brand’s social media platforms. Our social media management and digital strategy team crafts content and develops strategic social media calendars with optimal posting times to insure the best possible engagement with your audiences. We constantly monitor your accounts to activity gauge your followers’ engagement and provide feedback in the form of monthly social media reporting or project recap reports.

Influencer Identification

We identify and connect you with influencers, advocates and potential customers in your industry in order to help you promote your brand and reach new followers.

Forging partnerships and identifying brand ambassadors for your company can help you reach new audiences, increase profits/sales and promote your brand. Through partnerships with industry influencers, we will craft and coordinate a controlled conversation surrounding your brand and generate new brand followers and advocates.

Digital Strategy

We help you identify the most effective ways to connect with your target audiences through the implementation of digital strategies tailored to social media management, digital subscriptions, blog updates and more.

A digital strategy can streamline your brand’s messaging and present a clear, online representation of your company to your important key audiences. Our team is equipped to maintain a quality presence across each digital platform, monitor and respond to your followers’ feedback, and connect you with brands and fans who will find your company’s news and updates interesting and relevant. We help determine which digital platforms will provide the best return on investment for your company and tailor our efforts and outreach in an effort to keep your content fresh and engaging.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We provide comprehensive SEO services, partnering with expert advisors to deliver quality and proven results.

Peritus will help expand your digital reach in online searches, particularly with emphasizing the services and products that your business specializes in. By identifying and capitalizing on opportunities available through on- and off-site optimization, including keyword research and placement, link building and social media marketing, we can help you strengthen your organic web presence and rise your search engine rankings through our SEO efforts.