Earned media

Earned media is the most influential form of storytelling. Our media relations firm based out of Birmingham helps reporters tell your story instead of you purchasing ad space to push your brand.

With the emergence of content marketing and advertorials, your audience is dying for authentic news that advertising dollars aren’t funneled behind. Instead of wasting money on public relations and marketing efforts that don’t yield a high return on investment, let your customers and clients read your story through trusted communications platforms. This approach helps our clients achieve goals, grow their businesses, build credibility, sell products and promote their services.

Media strategy

We don’t send press releases to mass lists of random media contacts; we carefully vet and share your story with writers whose interests and beats align with your brand.

Our media strategy team in Birmingham prides ourselves on going above and beyond most firms to build relationships between our clients and media contacts. We don’t send sporadic media pitches to keep a client satisfied; we work as an extension of your team to truly understand your goals and develop aligned messaging to prepare thoughtful editorial content and help you share your story. This strategy has helped our clients control the dialogue about their company with the public and develop relationships with media contacts who will advocate for them throughout their career.

Local, National, Industry pitching

You need an advocate for your brand who can identify coverage opportunities in the media outlets important to your target audiences.

Our Alabama media relations firm has established extensive relationships with media contacts across the country. Whether securing product placement on The Today Show, to establishing you as a interview resource for an industry publication, to having your op-ed placed in the local paper, to forming relationships with a influential bloggers, let us help connect you to valued audiences.

Media monitoring

Goal setting and brand evaluation begin with taking the time to monitor your influence.

We understand that media strategy monitoring tools in Birmingham can be an expensive and a time-intensive investment for businesses to manage. Peritus does the heavy lifting for you by keeping a watchful eye on industry news and stories relevant to your brand. Perituspr's PR marketing solutions and media relations delivers measurable results. We develop media recap reports and continue to identify opportunities for increased coverage.