Community Relations

Our public affairs team will connect you with local influencers to position you for long-term success.

Our team provides on-the-ground public engagement opportunities with local community leaders who will advocate for your cause. We bring groups to the table to build, bridge and strengthen stakeholder relationships.

Coalition Building

We work across the political spectrum to advocate for our clients through educating the public, shaping opinions and engaging key decision makers to influence policy.

Through coalition building, issue advocacy and grassroots activation, our public affairs team helps you think creatively to find a solution that shapes legislation or public opinion.

Grassroots Media Engagement

We help drive the conversation about your issue and connect you with your targeted audiences and key policy leaders.

Through strategically placed op-eds, byline articles and media outreach, we work to ensure that your position on an issue is effectively communicated. Our Alabama public affairs and engagement team works with key grassroots contacts to share their support for or against an issue to move the needle towards your end goal.

Issue Advocacy

Changing public opinion can be difficult. That's where our public affairs team comes in.

Peritus creates public affairs strategies that educate and motivate key groups important to your cause.

Strategic counsel

We work with your team to create a plan that will help you manage policy issues and navigate the political process.

Peritus' experienced public affairs and political team works with our extensive network to garner support through third party groups, elected officials, business leaders, influencers and media while advising your team on the best approach to position your issue in the public sector.

PAC Management

Increase PAC engagement and participation to support causes and candidates important to you.

Our approach to helping you enhance your PAC involves a communications strategy that includes messaging, digital and print materials, training, events and other tactics to reach your contribution and participation goals. We work with you to identify compelling ways to reach your target PAC members and how to convey that their participation makes a difference.