Passion and Persistence: PUBLISHED by Peritus PR

When our Birmingham-based PR team was flirting with the idea of launching a blog, I knew that if we decided to pursue it, our readers had to find value in its purpose. I didn’t want one of those blogs that starts off with gumption, then ends up like a New Year’s gym resolution when life gets in the way. 

Why PUBLISHED by Peritus PR?

Despite obvious reasons for this literal title, we felt PUBLISHED exemplified the very reason our PR agency was created—to use our communications skillset and experiences to share worthwhile stories. When we opened Peritus in 2014, our team knew we had to give each other 110 percent every day. We put our signature on every project, always took the ethical route, built each other up and surrounded ourselves with good people to make things happen. This mentality hasn’t stopped since day one. We use that same passion and persistent drive to help our clients. The best brands don’t wait on opportunity to arrive; they are proactive in achieving their goals. 


This is PUBLISHED by Peritus PR’s first post (no pressure), so I wanted to open it with a little background. Consider this our pilot episode.


Here is what to expect from PUBLISHED by Peritus:

Like a fine Italian wine, it will be an evolving process as we get more comfortable with our vision, so bear with us and thanks for checking it out.

Our tone will be as diverse as our client base. Some articles will take on a more formal suit and tie approach, while others might be more of a causal tuxedo t-shirt style.

We are going to be real, even if that means having to share personal lessons from professional challenges. I am the first to admit that there are challenging days building an agency from the ground up, and want others to learn from our shared experiences.

We want to inspire continued learning, so each of our posts will include a takeaway and/or resource for our readers to explore more on a specific topic.

Our team’s only requirement for the blog is to publish something that inspires them. Share a story, analyze an industry trend, forecast the upcoming legislative session or highlight a female powerhouse they look up to.


Here is who I think will find value reading this:

Entrepreneurs, small business owners and civic leaders shaping Bama –

As a female-owned agency, our team understands the unique challenges and opportunities startups face, and want to share motivating best practices with fellow small businesses to help them successfully invest in their local economy. Let’s leave our pride at the door and build each other up, fellow entrepreneurs. While we are at it, let’s gush about Alabama makers and discuss takeaways from last year’s legislative session. We believe that we each can have a rewarding career and still make quality time for family, faith and community—life’s true priorities. 

Communications professionals with a shared passion for issue advocacy and media campaigns—

Those in the public relations and public affairs industries know that you must truly love what you do to have a long career in agency life. You know if I am talking to you—constant demands, stressful fire drills and at times, days loaded with adrenaline and intensity But we love it, don’t we? When you are passionate about what you do and work with a talented team dedicated to supporting our clients’ goals, you are motivated to continue making an impact. I work with some amazingly talented women—the state’s strongest public affairs professional, a hardworking and brilliantly creative YP force, a media whiz who can help secure coverage in any priority outlet, a well-rounded and visionary account lead, a tactically-skilled communications professional with a knack for crisis strategy, and a witty, organized professional with a talent for legal counsel. These brilliant professionals are curious about different topics and united in a shared passion for our profession, agency and clients. As our team continues to grow, I realize how fortunate I am to have a team with unique skillsets that have helped shape our agency’s culture, and made me a better person.

Student and young professional communications all-stars looking to learn more about agency life –

I have always been passionate about student development. Peritus started thanks to a wonderful college mentor who counseled my career track (talking to you, Dr. Berger). Professional development is at the core of our culture. We have been able to grow and diversify because of incredible mentors who have impacted each team members’ career since their first college communications course. We don’t pretend to know it all, and admit that even our interns are teaching us new ways to problem solve every day. Students’ success plays a major role in the future of the public relations industry, and our firm wants to use this platform to help provide career building tips. I bet some of you are not even sure what a career in public affairs involves. We are here to help provide better clarity on topics that could inspire your career, and maybe one day we will be working for you.

My PUBLISHED by Peritus PR takeaway is this:

We hope you will support our blog and share it with others so they can tune in for future content and help us continue writing about things that inspire us and our readers.

Well that’s all for now, folks. I will be sharing the Peritus story soon and big lessons we have learned along the way.

, PeritusLouise Oliver