Peritus has grown as a result of mentors who have impacted our careers.

To pay it forward, we speak regularly to inspire students, young professionals and industry groups through panels, presentations and workshops.

If you are interested, please explore our presentation capabilities below, and check out our individual bios on our team page to learn what topics each of our team members enjoys speaking about.



What They Don't Tell You in School: Lessons learned the hard way throughout 10 years in the public relations industry.

PR-ing Life: Light-hearted, engaging discussion exploring how nearly a decade in the PR industry changes your everyday life – from the way you consume media to your daily routines.

Landing a National Feature: Case study about how to leverage storytelling, craft the perfect media pitch and amplify coverage to help a client reach a dream goal, regardless of their PR budget size.
The Art of the Media Pitch: Although undergraduate careers prepare students well, understanding the art of pitching is lost through textbook translation, so learn how to hit the ground running on your first job’s media challenge.


Public Affairs vs. Public Relations: The difference between these two practices, the tactics used in both and how they can be used together to produce successful campaigns.

Your Roadmap to an Unexpected Public Affairs Career Path: This unique career path combines interests in public policy, current events, and public relations mixed with a passion for relationship building.

What is Advocacy and How to Utilize an Influential Network? How networking plays a critical role in grassroots advocacy, coalition building and overall public affairs campaign success.


Our Story: How a group of 20-somethings built a thriving PR agency from the ground up through motivated, passionate go givers.

Telecommuting: The art and challenges of working remotely and how to leverage it for your professional and personal advantage.

Where do you See Yourself Making Impact? A discussion weighing the pros and cons of working at a large, integrated agency vs. a small firm, as well as in-house vs. agency life.

Finding Roots, Gaining Wings: Discovering the homefield advantages of building a fulfilling career and impactful legacy in your home state.


There’s Nothing to See Here: Crisis management lessons learned and why every company, no matter the size, should be prepared with a crisis communications plan.