How do you leverage a collection of tourism attractions to drive important national dialogue?

Use national media as your megaphone. Peritus was hired to amplify the launch of The U.S. Civil Rights Trail, a collection of over 100 landmarks across 14 states pivotal to the civil rights movement. With the goal of leveraging media opportunities to drive national conversations surrounding the relevance of civil rights today, our team curated relevant media angles using timely milestones including Black History Month and the 50th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s assassination. By identifying passionate storytellers, like state tourism directors, historians, civil rights foot soldiers and national advocates, we were able to connect the trail’s storied past to current issues and conversations.




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These landmarks serve as a reminder of our progress, and they remind us that our work is not complete. By learning from our past, we can take action in the present and build hope for our future.
— Brent Leggs, Director for the African American Cultural Heritage Action Fund at the National Trust for Historic Preservation