Reading Changes Lives

Peritus PR believes reading changes lives. With many of our team members passionate and involved with local literacy initiatives, including Alabama Literacy Alliance, Better Basics, Read Across America, and student mentoring and tutoring, we wanted to develop a meaningful outreach program that would help advocate for continuous education and inspiration across our community.

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Last year, we launched the Peritus Book Club, a firm initiative that allows personal and professional growth opportunities, and increased fellowship among our colleagues. Peritus team members take turns selecting stories that inspire us, expand our horizons, improve our work habits or simply make us smile.

Our first Peritus Book Club read, “The Go-Giver,” taught us about the power of giving and birthed our Peritus book chain. Each time we finish a book, we pay it forward by passing it along to someone else.

Below we share about some of our favorite reads in the Peritus Book Club so far. We invite you to explore these page turners, stay tuned for our next book club announcement, and help us continue to pay it forward. Happy Reading! #PeritusBookClub


The Go-Giver | Bob Burg, John David Mann

“The Go-Giver’s impact spanned far beyond a determination to pay it forward; it actually inspired the Peritus Book Club. This simple and quick salesman parable taught me the power behind your greatest asset, yourself. Giving your time, your gifts, and your best to others translates to better fulfilling personal goals. It has translated beyond the business world to help me perceive any personal challenge with more positivity.”      – Louise Oliver, president

Big Magic | Elizabeth Gilbert

“I enjoyed reading Big Magic because it taught our team that everyone has the power to be creative. Most people think of the word ‘creative’ as only pertaining to those with artistic talents but you can be creative in all aspects of life – whether it’s laying out a strategic campaign or problem solving through a challenge – everyone has the ability to think creatively.” – Sally Immel, senior account representative

Option B | Sheryl Sandberg

“In Option B, best-selling author, business leader, philanthropist and chief operating officer at Facebook, Sheryl Sandberg, shows us how grief can be a demanding companion; it doesn’t have a schedule and the experience is different for everyone.

After her husband’s unexpected death shook her to the core, Sheryl shares the story of how she and her children faced adversity, built resilience and found joy amid tough difficulties.” – Shona Webster-Doyle, administrative specialist


Outliers | Malcolm Gladwell

“Outliers examines success from a different point of view, breaking the age-old assumption that certain people are born with talents that are simply unachievable for others. Through studying hockey players, musicians, pilots, professors, millionaires and more, the book breaks down external factors that attributed to the success of these highly talented, athletic and intelligent individuals. The findings surprised and motivated our team, showing your wildest dreams are achievable through the right combination of hard work, community support and meaningful opportunity.” – Erin Vogt, account supervisor


Sisters in Law | Linda Hirshman

“Sisters in Law is the story of how Sandra Day O’Connor and Ruth Bader Ginsburg became trailblazers for women by serving as the first female Supreme Court Justices. Although they had differences in upbringing, party, religion and culture, they shared a goal of strengthening women’s equality. Our team was inspired by their friendship and how they built each other up, despite political views, to create a lasting impact for women, history and the law.” – Mary Elizabeth Roberson, director of public affairs


Rest | Alex Soojung-Kim Pang

“We all know taking time out of our busy lives for rest is good for our wellbeing, but what about for our creativity? Rest explored many benefits of taking time to recharge—part of a healthy life balance our team values. From refining our morning routines, to making the most of our free time, Rest reminded us to challenge the cultural norm that overwork is necessary for success, productivity and creativity.” – Ann Howser, digital strategist

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