Where do you get your news?

With the increased availability of 24-hour news from a variety of outlets, and the rise of social media and “fake news,” there is no shortage of ways to consume news. We work hand-in-hand with the media in the field of public relations, so it’s paramount that we stay on top of current trends through reliable news sources.

Like many, I grew up watching the local news with my parents every night, scanning the newspaper (oftentimes the comics) with my dad on Saturday mornings and discussing recent headlines at the family dinner table. Growing a passion for keeping up with current events, I naturally gravitated towards an industry driven by the news. 

As PR practitioners, it’s our responsibility to stay informed on global, national and local happenings and identify how these trends impact our clients or their industries. Since we are constantly identifying opportunities to build trust and client rapport through the media, we must create a natural pulse on digesting and analyzing credible news.

But where do public relations practitioners get their news? The short answer is everywhere.

We are constantly on the go, but that can’t be an excuse for not keeping up with industry and market news. Thankfully, we have more ways than ever to access it. From social media, local community newspapers and iPhone apps, to witty e-newsletters, online outlets and video – we have a variety of trusted, go-to news outlets that provide a well-rounded perspective, even when we are running 90-nothing.  

One of our favorite office discussions is about our preferred news sources. So, we asked our team to share their favorites and why it works for them:

  • ANN HOWSER - In an ideal world, I would have a solid hour every day to read each of my favorite news outlets. In reality, my fast-paced day means I rely on sources like the News app on my phone. I get notifications from various news outlets summarizing headlines that I can read on the go or save for later. Since I am constantly scanning social media platforms for client work, I also love to reference Facebook and Twitter's "Trending" sections for news. We're lucky to have so many options available.

  • ERIN VOGT – Delivered to my inbox bright and early every morning, The Skimm spoon-feeds readers the most important current events issues in an easily digestible and entertaining format. It's the perfect way to stay caught up on worldwide and national news while enjoying a cup of coffee at my desk. To make the most out of my commute, I also listen to a variety of NPR podcasts like “This American Life” for exploring newsworthy topics more in-depth or “Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me!” – an amusing current events quiz show.

  • LOUISE OLIVER –As a PR professional, I rely heavily on our industry’s national e-brief, PRSA SmartBrief, to provide an overview of successful recent PR case studies, advice and best practices and industry news.

  • MARY ELIZABETH ROBERSON – I love starting the day reading daily morning e-newsletters from local, state and national outlets. Two of my favorites are POLITICO and Alabama Daily News, and other outlets specific to our clients’ industries. I regularly check Twitter throughout the day for real-time news updates, so I can constantly keep a pulse on relevant news that might impact our clients.

  • SALLY IMMEL - I enjoy watching the TODAY Show in the morning while getting ready for work, as well as reading through The Skimm and Bizwomen newsletters. For industry news, I have subscribed to various graphic design blogs to keep up with current design trends.

  • SHONA WEBSTER-DOYLE – As a London transplant, I enjoy getting my global news from PBS World NewsHour and BBC News in the morning and evening. BBC News is comprehensive and gives a unique global perspective on current events unlike what is typically covered in United States outlets. While I’m getting ready for the day, I watch local TV news on WVTM 13 and follow up in the evening with the local and national news from the day on NBC.

  • VICTORIA SHELTONThe Wall Street Journal is one of my favorites because it keeps me informed on things happening both nationally and globally. Other than that, I get a lot of my news from notifications on my phone throughout the day. I love how customizable the iPhone ‘News’ app is because I can follow a variety of outlets, from Fox News to Food Network.

 My PUBLISHED by Peritus takeaway is this:

As PR practitioners, it’s our top priority to stay informed. With the everchanging media landscape, it’s more important than ever that we understand what content is being shared, who’s writing about it, who’s receiving it and how.

Where do you prefer to receive news?